service object

First be members Chinese visitors to Japan

Firstbe cooperates with domestic medical institutions in Japan

Travel accident insurance companies in Japan and China

European and American Medical Insurance Company

Arrangement of emergency hospitalization and operation

When necessary, Chinese tourists will provide assistance

Assistance in language communication

Provide explanation, consent and other support for medical behaviors in the cooperative hospital

Help the families of Chinese tourists

Domestic and foreign emergency transfer arrangements

Transfer arrangement of different hospitals in Japan

Arrangements for urgent transfer to China when necessary

Arrangement of accompanying doctors and nurses during transfer

Arrangement of receiving hospitals in China

Introduction and arrangement of the hospital

Provide medical institution information for Chinese tourists

Sick and injured call center business during the journey

Provide the introduction of the nearest medical institution and appointment arrangement for passengers

Medical translation support

Dispatch of local translation support for medical institutions

Online medical translation

Assistant diagnosis and treatment of Chinese doctors proficient in Japanese

Translation of diagnosis, treatment, operation consent and other documents

Medical expenses settlement support

Provide credit card or online payment to first be member visitors

Guarantee for payment of medical expenses to cooperative medical institutions

Guarantee for payment of high amount of treatment fees such as operation and examination

Advance payment of medical expenses after treatment

Help foreigners to see a doctor

First of all, Chinese tourists. In response to the entry policy of the Japanese government, the number of foreigners, especially Chinese tourists, coming to Japan is increasing rapidly.
The following problems are caused by the different language and culture of the medical scene, such as insufficient communication, non payment and so on.
Our company hopes to provide a full range of services for foreigners visiting Japan and receiving their medical treatment in Japan, focusing on various medical problems of foreigners.
First of all, we started to provide medical consultation for Chinese tourists. To solve the problem. Please feel free to talk about Chinese diagnosis and treatment.
We will propose and implement solutions.